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PSI utilizes sponge blasting for a myriad of selective coating removal and aggressive profiling applications. The polyurethane foam with microscopic abrasive is air propelled at high pressure; allowing the media to flatten against the surface and rebound off, all while removing unwanted contaminants. PSI Operators control blast pressure and media feed rate to allow for precise control.  PSI's sponge blasting technique is often compared to conventional water blasting, sand blasting, and abrasive blasting, but with less downtime, mobile equipment, fugitive emissions, and no slurry or excessive waste. Confined spaces are now safer due to low rebound and high visibility. The sponge media is available in up to 20 variations to fit all applications, creating a profile on a metal surface that most primers and coatings will adhere to.  

  • Graffiti Removal 
  • Grease and Oil Removal
  • Heavy industrial/Commercial Paint and Coatings Removal
  • Light Coatings Removal
  • Remove Heavy Rust
  • Surface Preparation‚Äč

Sponge blasting is an option for all kinds of stripping and cleaning, on a variety of substrates.

seasoned personnel

Just like you, we want to improve your operational performance. Our seasoned field personnel implement innovative solutions to add value through strategic performance.

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Our mobile industrial cleaning fleet, operational expertise and safety program incorporate a one-stop-shop to improve process system challenges.

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We are determined to meet all of your industrial cleaning needs as an elite service provider.  Our services are implemented at the highest ethical standard to improve efficieny, increase productivity and avoid improptu downtime.

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