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Railroad Services

Transporting empty railcars to a remote service facility for cleaning is a cost in time and dollars that companies don't want to pay.

Hire one of our mobile railcar cleaning crews to minimize your downtime. We come to you, keeping your business on track, and saving your company a significant amount of time and money.

Types Of Cleaning We Provide:

  • Railcar Cleaning
  • Truck Bed Cleaning
  • Gondola Cleaning
  • Tank Cleaning
Railcar, Truck Bed, Gondola Cleaning

We can come directly to the site of the rail car and do the cleaning right there. There is no need to make a costly move that make take weeks or months to do when we can have the car or cars cleaned in a few days.

We are certified in confined space entry. We have SCBA equipment and ladders that we have made to do any kind of tank.

We are able to power wash, pressure clean, steam clean, chemical clean, sanitize and sterilize the tank.

Our equipment will connect to the bottom of the tank, create a vacuum and collect all the material and wash water for disposal. We can also wash and clean the exterior.

We can do painting, lettering and minor repairs to the car including welding and valve repairs.

We also have machines that can produce 100% steam to heat the jacketed system to make offloading of materials in cold weather easier and faster.

PSI railcar cleaning services are designed to match the needs of different types of cars. We provide a wide variety of services with our professional service partners that include:

  • Fogger Washes
  • Dry and High-Water Pressure Cleaning (Hydro-Blasting)
  • Alkaline and Detergent Base Treatments
  • Reverse Osmosis Cleaning
  • Oil Wipes
  • Internal and External Scrubs
  • Recoating
  • Clean to Scrap Services
  • Clean to Storage Services
Tank Cleaning

PSI performs grain hopper car and tanker railcar purging and cleaning as part of its line of environmental and industrial services.

A tanker railcar or grain hopper car must be purged and cleaned when its contents have become contaminated, if it will be shipped to another location for repairs or if it is going to be scrapped. A good cleaning is necessary to ensure the tanker car is ready for transport, servicing, disposal or continued use.

The purging and cleaning process includes emptying the tanker or hopper car, entering the car and removing residual product, cleaning the car's interior with a pressure washer and removing the rinse water to drums or totes for disposal. If the tanker or grain hopper railcar is to be scrapped, our crews typically cut a window in the car's end to confirm it has been cleaned and is ready for disposal.

Unlike many other environmental service providers, our crews are uniquely qualified to perform railcar purging and cleaning in railroad environments. They are certified by all Class I railroads to work and are trained and experienced with performing work at rail yards and along the Right-of-Way.

Our environmental professionals are trained and experienced in railcar purging and cleaning services. Railcar purging and cleaning requires confined space entry and our environmental crews have all the permits and certifications, monitors, confined space equipment and safety lines to do this work as well. PSI crews are equipped with the PPE necessary for confined space entry, up to and including respirators, goggles and chemical protective clothing, as appropriate for the contents of the car being cleaned.

PSI’s fleet of equipment includes hi-rail vacuum trucks. All our vacuum trucks are equipped with hi-rail gear, allowing them to support projects like railcar purging and cleaning in busy environments like rail yards where off-track access is severely limited. Our fleet also includes the pressure washer, a powerful device for cleaning interior and exterior of the railcars with a jet of water.

Typically, railcar purging and cleaning is a scheduled project; however, this service may be necessary in emergency situations such as derailments. Also, purging and cleaning may be needed for semi trucks' tanker trailers following a truck accident on the road. As a railroad contractor, our Customer Service Center is available 24 / 7 / 365 to take your call and can have a crew on the road within one hour of your call – any time, day or night.