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When it comes removing heavy-duty grease or grime, most high-volume, hot pressure washers are not created equal. PSI's Landa self-contained 2-gun unit provides high-volume flow at 220 degrees F.

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Disaster Recovery Plan

It seems we all get caught up in the day-to-day operations-neglecting the "what if" scenario of what would happen if the entire operation shut down to due to fire, flooding, tornado or man made threats.  Download our adjacent DPR template which will guide you in the creation of key elements during a catastrophic event.  

PSI Industrial Solutions High Pressure Waterblasting and Dry Ice cleaning applications are the most effective at removing heavy build-up and contaminants within process systems.  

PSI Industrial Solutions will not compromise safety at any level.

Operations personnel are equipped with an exceptional record of training.



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PSI makes all the difference in your project timeline.

​Our performance partnership option is a business relationship model in which our customers openly share information and responsibility by achieving identified performance targets, enabling the most efficient utilization of our crews, increased productivity and significant cost reduction.  We're not working harder for our customers, we're working smarter.

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