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Media Blasting Services

PSI utilizes media blasting for a myriad of selective coating removal and aggressive profiling applications. Media is air propelled at high pressure; allowing the media to flatten against the surface and rebound off, all while removing unwanted contaminants. PSI Operators control blast pressure and media feed rate to allow for precise control. PSI's media blasting techniques include water blasting, sand blasting, walnuts, shells and abrasive blasting. Our techniques provide less downtime, mobile equipment, fugitive emissions, and no slurry or excessive waste. Confined spaces are now safer due to low rebound and high visibility of medium. Our media is available in many variations to fit all applications.

  • Presssure washing and degreasing of drilling rigs
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Grease and Oil Removal
  • Heavy industrial/Commercial Paint and Coatings Removal
  • Light Coatings Removal
  • Remove Heavy Rust
  • Surface Preparation​

Media blasting is an option for all kinds of stripping and cleaning, on a variety of substrates.